There will be an array of amazing talent on display this year. Live bands will keep the crowd infused with festive grooves from Rock, Country, Reggae, African High life, Fusion and more.

Below are a few of the artists and entertainers that will be performing at this Fest.

IzaniaIzania Jon TeeJoe Tee
Izania are a reggae band which hail from a variety of different countries around the world. Their brand of reggae has influences from the countries they are from and the countries they have travelled to. Read More… Arriving in Melbourne in 1984, Joe Tee has been involved in the music scene since he got here. He now calls Brisbane home, and his music is a beautiful blend of African, Reggae and Calypso. Read More…
Getano J BannGetano J Bann

This surprise act will keep you on your toes at the Into Global Rhythms Fest 2018. Don’t miss them in the Roots, Boots and Blues Fest 2018.

‘A Narrator of Life Stories’ – Getano Bann is an Award Winning and Celebrated Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller of Scottish and Torres Strait Islander descent. Read More…
 Dawn of Dusk

Experience the fresh sounds of this act. They will also be featured at our the Roots, Boots and Blues Fest.2018.